Your Nails and Your Health

Your nails say more a lot about your overall health than you think. They can reveal serious health issues you may not be aware of. The condition of your nails can show tell-tale signs of nail disease as well as liver, heart and lung problems. This is one of the reasons why dermatologist screenings and surgeries require patients to remove their nail polish. See these nail symptoms you should not ignore.

Thin, Spoon-shaped Nails – often accompanied by peeling and paleness, this can be a symptom of anemia, liver disease and malnutrition.

White Nails – If you notice your usually rosy nails turn white with darker rims, it is time for a visit to the doctor. This is often a symptom of a serious liver disease or hepatitis.

Yellowish Nails – The most common cause of yellow nails is fungus. Nail fungal infection can cause nail beds to recede, nails to thicken, crack and split. In some cases yellow nails can also mean psoriasis, thyroid problems or lung disease.
Rippled and Ridged Nails – Vertical ridges is a sign that the nails are drying out. This is quite common as we age and normally, nail moisturizers can do the trick. Deep horizontal rides on the other hand can signal stress or illness. If you see very pronounced ripples or ridges on the surface of your nails, visit your dermatologist for a check-up, this can be early signs of inflammatory arthritis or psoriasis.

Dark Lines Under the Nail – If you notice a dark, blackish lines that run from your nail bed to the tips of your nails it is important to consult a dermatologist immediately. Dark lines are often symptoms of melanoma.

When looking at the changes in your nails, do not jump into any conclusions. Nail changes can be accompanied by many possibilities. It is best to go to a dermatologists, experienced in treating nail diseases for a proper diagnosis.

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